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Featuring a Swiss design twist and a emphasis on environmentally responsible travel and tourism,  the Interlaken OCT Hotel (Shenzhen Yintelagen Huaqiaocheng Jiudian) is a deluxe holiday resort located in East Huaqiaocheng,  a large ecologically protected scenic area in Shenzhen's Yantian district,  some 30 km (19) from the city center.

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住客评论 1908条评论     4.5分/5分 更多
  • abing2012
    Pretty good.
  • dn9723
    Very satisfied with late strike lightly so-so, and other marks.
  • lincone
    Facilities very good, service very good!
  • lx200088
    Which is very nice
  • jdfs007
    Environmental decoration is first-class! service, waiters can be extremely slow, check in took more than 20 minutes! Hotel food is also on the six floor, reminding you not to eat, it was not usually kill people! 3 bottles of little Qingdao, four bowls of ramen noodles, small bowls, and two vegetables, premium 512! Salt did not put inside, asked for a glass of water, charging 8, only a Cup, water is boiling water is too hot, this is not like it ... ...
  • junny1978
    It's OK
  • angele1986
    Decoration features, best hotels in Valley
  • funfun820
    Location very good, environment is also excellent and the rooms were good health condition, breakfast is very rich, and peripheral equipment, prices are relatively high. choice next time.
  • onondong
    Good! if there would be preferential room we will come again oh! is too far away, the mountains go a long! but the air is really good!
  • e03352454
    Beds very comfortable, very good facilities, clean and sanitary, and deserves the star. the lobby is pretty breakfast not much, but it tastes good, is the Hotel Spa is a bit far away to walk 5-10 minutes.
  • xinleina
    Nice is a little expensive room comfortable kids love
  • lynnwoo
    Good comfortable room, people feel very satisfied, like?
  • legolas_tony
    Very good hotel *O*
  • dis00001
    Very good, convenient to the attractions to the Grand Canyon, hotels VIP access to the small station of the Grand Canyon. fantastic hotel, mountain view, lake view, the internal environment is also very good, new, nice, love. it is worth going to, very fun to play.
  • litianlitian
    Very good ... Knew. very powerful!
  • MaryBob
    Really comfortable was going a little bit tired
  • e00372827
    Coca Cola Coke consider cried
  • cloudmei
    On in tea Valley, location is convenient! around are is eat of, hotel of buffet also also is can, certainly can eat full, hehe, dish products complete. live of joint row Villa townhouse, hotel has free of battery roundtrip shuttle, but walk also not far, from hotel lobby to most far of Spa altogether 300 meters, through Villa group, Villa group roadside are can parking, car can directly open to hotel downstairs. regrets of is last night rain, Spa only open has indoor of, roomOutside didn't know what. It is to be criticized hotel after check in but you can go to the Park to play, or to clean the room at four or five o'clock in the afternoon to check in, and occupancy is also useful even after the ground tissue! on the bathroom door handles and others used shower cap! cleaning for a few hours, room so good, environment and scenery so beautiful, really fly in the ointment! looking to improve
  • fucat
    All right, great.
  • gifted
    Unexpected surprises, good hot spring rolls were also sent, nice family fun
  • dannytanwpc
    Hotel in beautiful, scenic, easy to play, prices
  • M05153395
  • mvplover
    Others must live in the eastern part of the hotel tired as a dog is the Summit kongshen really good here
  • beanyip
    Very good hotel! prices are great!
  • carneyjiang
    Hotel on the tall, was moldy. well. just peak, low quality of reception
  • e03169690
    Environment, impeccable and prices are unbeatable
  • baoli0803
    Help customers, customer satisfaction.
  • adabingluo
    Environment good, but staying Qian reservation of cake front desk actually no check to, last also is I found waiter of phone asked has only know, day she rest forget and restaurant Xia single has, Halo are Halo died has, I married anniversary does, although behind said restaurant has do, just forget has sent, a listening to on know is lie of,, has long estimated they in worked, behind sent to of cake from 3 pounds into has 2 pounds, like is no language, spent has more than 300 more of fruit cake everyone assessment assessment see isBeautiful, ugly, a wedding anniversary so destroyed ... ...
  • amberbabyblue
    That's good
  • busman
    High prices, bad service
  • aa880828
    Diet is not convenient, outdoor decoration, too much influence on the landscape, lobby renovation can also
  • juntang1981
    We set of is small town street room, is in Yin Special pulled root small town inside of, next is bubble Spa of place, super convenient! and morning out of when small town no how many people, is for photo! we room also has a super praise of bathtub, unfortunately also no bubble to. only of shortcomings is downstairs has a pieces bar, night more or less somewhat noise, but also is can accept range.
  • Tony9672
    Very much a family day trip, stay two days, plenty of time
  • sry8023
    Satisfied with dinner a bit
  • bwmsang
    Like Interlaken Hotel tried other than this child very satisfying weekend family choice
  • e00162390
    Hotel beautiful, easy parking, convenient access area, especially after chaxi Qing Yuan, with the room card in, Lake of darkness is very fascinating, but hotel swimming pool, swim there for individual tickets, gym is open only to adults, waiter blunt, stay, check out include consultation, waiter's performance was poor, recently renovated
  • jay yin
    Hotel is very good, hot springs scenery is nice, only the Spa provided only a towel, Spa to go a lap down, towel has dozens of kilograms, but not the winter is not cold or not,
  • gigabit
    Also, the bathroom door is so loud, the toilet flush is very noise
  • e00992012
    Laid back easy, air quality is super nice, Spa was very clean service five-star
  • jialejiawb
    OK, price is expensive.
  • geng1986830
    Is very general. Mountain unless the drive simply does not live up to. hotel taxi to the mountain Mesa to 350 Yuan.
  • fxy1314521
    Nice hotel, townhouse rooms spacious
  • greylue1979
    Elegant hot springs is very good, value for money.
  • bojin2010
    Hotels in Nice
  • dipyang
    Which is very nice
  • m00122725
    All aspects are satisfied, I hope next time could be better.
  • EFFE0000
    Environment is very good, very comfortable, excellent value, also sent a fruit bowl, and very close to the train station, easy to ride, breakfast is very good, it is best to find a Lake place sitting
  • e05607634
    Location is very good. but the service needs to be strengthened. we 14; more than more than 00 is still cannot ... also lived in Hot Springs Hotel would like to enjoy the hotel's swimming pool is still going to charge. other pool a bit far, and environment is not very good. it is hoped that could be improved.
  • aggiewan
    Environment is very beautiful, 2 adjacent rooms have a small, eating too few and the other, there's an osmanthus tea Valley Xuan.
  • dicpaccn
    Overall very good, recommended!