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Featuring a Swiss design twist and a emphasis on environmentally responsible travel and tourism,  the Interlaken OCT Hotel (Shenzhen Yintelagen Huaqiaocheng Jiudian) is a deluxe holiday resort located in East Huaqiaocheng,  a large ecologically protected scenic area in Shenzhen's Yantian district,  some 30 km (19) from the city center.

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住客评论 1343条评论     4.5分/5分 更多
  • sundy0685
    Air fresh, clean elegant. hot springs in half.
  • ericliucn
    Night in Lake view, balcony, room was large, but called lake view, interior very good, Yes.
  • adfadsf
    Rooms large, we upgraded to duplex suites for free. Spa is also good, open-air bath much better than indoors, there is a bit more complicated, crazy for challenging the road. dinner is a bit rough, there's nothing to eat, feel hotels should not get such a monotonous buffets.
  • ming_mao
    On the ground there is no mountain view
  • fullmoon_mei
    Check in Shi front desk deliberately requirements left phone, zhihou accidentally left shirt a in room. night call front desk also said to asked rooms Department, phone, not by of said; you what efficiency, clearly guest left items should timely contact (and deliberately left contact way), how phone question also have,? front desk refuted, we I slow has? such of hotel management is not willing to staying of main for, white spoil has around environment. seems what hardware also arrived not serviceAh!
  • alexwinson
    Hotel very nice rooms very clean and no noisy sound breakfast with dinner on the first floor are good buy in hotel packages also offer is perfect for family holidays.
  • tracey
    Beautiful surroundings, hotel facilities good, staff enthusiasm, would go again.
  • a2675607
    This is the fourth time staying here, very good.
  • naf2000
    That's good
  • djwto
    Interlaken hotels maintain a consistent standard is 12 o'clock noon check out a little too fast, after all, is an exclusive hotel, guests will take the time to enjoy the facilities at the hotel.
  • jtimo
    Well ... enjoyed having the opportunity to go to
  • tontiger
    That's good
  • aubergine7
    Really good hotel! Really good hotel! Really good hotel!
  • anna0515
    Mountain air well, no musty hotel a bit old but lovely, and speed like a nice stay, safe will not open in the evening was soon solved. loved the room terrace and large bathtub.
  • Colin away
  • fangling1985
    Five-star hotel, at 10 o'clock in the evening after staying didn't provide any food, the Hotel Spa also left the door open, there is no service personnel, this 5-star hotel and the Shenzhen City location does not match.
  • dudesneet
    Under renovation, feeling a bit unsightly
  • anni_dong_c
    Hotel service is good-inside environment also good-is mountain room is decoration-what are see not to-estimated estimated Lake King room also almost-overseas city tea Valley with big Valley many project in refurbished-recommends everyone national to or national Hou to-special cool of recommended is except week 6th holiday remaining time to overseas city basic without queued-and photo is cool-commodity discount!-
  • Allan Hui
    The decoration of the hotel after 8 o'clock in the morning is very noisy!
  • e03047574
    Very nice hotel, to see the Lake, the lobby decoration was beautiful, there are bird watching haha, package is good Oh, breakfast buffet can be, fun.
  • e00016019
    Suite with lake view, really good, also with sauna, Lake is out of the window, nice, quiet! praise
  • e03826134
    Hotel services like Star is not so bad
  • ayuyu726
    Services are generally
  • cc870313
    Luxurious hotel, good breakfast service, but simple
    Also are good on the whole, a very good environment, but some order is chaotic, looking to improve
  • jyywml
    Beautiful environment, support is very good, service could be further improved.
  • parallel
    Reservation has 4th, of luxury room, containing 2nd tour tickets, just met Typhoon days, and cannot canceled reservation, had to risked rain past. Typhoon days of a benefits is not traffic. hotel outside wall in make decoration, was to at three o'clock in the afternoon to staying, later in front desk of efforts Xia ahead of to at two o'clock in the afternoon, staying Hou rain stopped has, into tea Valley tour, catch see three points of days Zen, is looks of. just performances end Hou has is at four o'clock in the afternoon, other attractions just typicallySee about. night of Spa also because weather reasons only open indoor of, but son and daughter Super like, is compensation has afternoon of insufficient. second days morning small train normal run, turned took to has Warrior Valley, because rain, some facilities close, didn't play to what. General Shang for also is satisfaction of, for weather reasons cannot fun, cannot blame others, but in here to spit slot about, hotel of mattress too soft has, actually sleep in with, victims have midnight up withdrawal mattress, directly inSleep on the bed.
  • Jenice
    Can be good
  • lulupig7
    Pretty good, pretty good, come again
  • autumnyyyy
  • LuMin
    Very good hotel, always surprises, good service.
  • grace1221
    Good location, nice room is a little old!
  • forever5127
    Very good, very affordable Oh. well trusted.
  • aa880828
    Diet is not convenient, outdoor decoration, too much influence on the landscape, lobby renovation can also
  • dirver
    Also good is a luxury that is the price is a little high
  • e00153743
    Very good drops
  • danny_liu0320
    During the summer holidays and the children go, live well, lovely surroundings beautiful, very comfortable-and-go in the morning. booked a package, package tickets, breakfast and dinner and Spa, very good.
  • bean_baobao
    Hotel a unit mold taste! quilt tide tide of, corridor more is a unit mold taste (believes more of people smell to)! If is 200 block a late following may not is surprisingly, as a usually sold to 1800 block a late national holiday sold to 2400 block a late of hotel that is somewhat problem has! in Shi has a near chaise longue Chair of round coffee table are is dirty of, Cup end of printing Bowl end of printing, stick between between of! forget has took this, but I commitment I by said of are is truth! this intends to for room but thought goGallery are is mold taste imagined other room or not to where to even has! addition a thing, room with double early but I in front desk check in Shi buy more a breakfast, asked price replies confirmed has, second days morning restaurant said front desk no handle, needed in restaurant again buy. things is small, experience not too good! then hotel front desk right is responsible for handle Spa votes of people service than grid! tea Valley is big, views also good, recommends try with live individual of hotel, into scenic more goGo inside the forest air is very good! the hotel I will ever live!
  • lweiweiyang
    Nice, friendly staff, very nice hotel, beautiful location, style of comfort of rooms, facilities, and come again.
  • annawlp
    Hotel services needs to be improved, Hotel Nice, hotel facilities but also more humane!
  • uecsddd
    All right
  • gaoxd128
    This is a family of 5 persons, a very good environment, location is a little further away, about 20 minutes from the entrance road. Environment of the room is also a good, recent maintenance on external walls. Hotel VIP channel into tea Valley. Receive Park check-in directly in the tourism reception after two-day packages in is Interlaken town, Trafalgar Square and train station. Buffet breakfast at the hotel was OK. Dinner buffet poor strongPerfect advice into the Park in the evening dining, restaurant, and Laurel Inn.
  • rolu1103145
    Well, the special upgrade offer to suite lake view SecurityCenter
  • e02052593
    Environment as a whole, that is, between two valleys to go many times, children's facilities, spa area nice and clean
  • carrieyuli
  • alex61362
    Very pretty very pretty very pretty
  • Small wild §
    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
  • abncsp
    Nice, but repaired, so the Hotel looks no picture is so cute!
  • onondong
    Good! if there would be preferential room we will come again oh! is too far away, the mountains go a long! but the air is really good!
  • ljy001520
    Lake view room upgrade, woman are characteristics of the room, breakfast variety, supplementary is not very timely, but closed later in the evening to the Lake also is very nice