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Featuring a Swiss design twist and a emphasis on environmentally responsible travel and tourism,  the Interlaken OCT Hotel (Shenzhen Yintelagen Huaqiaocheng Jiudian) is a deluxe holiday resort located in East Huaqiaocheng,  a large ecologically protected scenic area in Shenzhen's Yantian district,  some 30 km (19) from the city center.

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住客评论 813条评论     4.5分/5分 更多
  • funfun820
    Location very good, environment is also excellent and the rooms were good health condition, breakfast is very rich, and peripheral equipment, prices are relatively high. choice next time.
  • lagarde
    Great value, big kids very much, next time will stay
  • balex
    Night environments very romantic
  • daivivi
    Overall feel of the hotel, facilities very poor.
  • artfang
    Reservation to the customer environment, including tickets are cheaper!
  • cswl_101
    Howard Johnson Hotel, the location is also very convenient.
  • tribeca79
    Hotel in beautiful surroundings.
  • bbilu
    Pretty good
  • joywings
    Elegant and comfortable environment, very quiet, European-style felt abroad, that's good.
  • geng1986830
    Is very general. Mountain unless the drive simply does not live up to. hotel taxi to the mountain Mesa to 350 Yuan.
  • beter0422
    All right
  • baoli0803
    Help customers, customer satisfaction.
  • lindaf
    Hotel is a bit old, but tea Valley good, room is big but small flower bed and is very high, but sleep can
  • yangjing878
    Great for family fun!
  • nana2599
    The hotel is very clean, and very beautiful, the surrounding environment good, very suitable for holiday
  • Brewer
    Front desk service is poor, also took Public Security Bureau to pressure guest, on this service attitude distance five-star hotel also is is big gap, also distribution not Shang so your of room, staying of when just also met hotel outside wall refurbished, but to has night at 9 o'clock more also heard hammering also has drill of voice, playing to desk is attitude stiff, on said to understand about, please your hotel also is all again new training employees, from service attitude to level also is is General, don't relied on himself is in tourist area on goodLike special proud, General 3 star hotel service also than this hotel good. also has hotel lobby buy bread snack of place, you on help I took has block bread also to added received 15% of service fee, will your hotel is more deficiency money? live has so times hotel first times met so charges not reasonable attitude also end of than who are high, absolute not recommended to anyone, poor assessment
  • baobeipolo
    Good surroundings, the hotel is a bit old, the price is high!
  • e00062313
    Environment is very casual, suitable for family, friends, holiday, weekend break.
  • amiliwang
    Very quiet, the decoration of the hotel is also good, but the hotel room service is incompatible with the 5 star dining room service is also very general, really do not know the training of hotel staff need to be strengthened and regular supervision and management.
  • AnnaSuu
    Hotel around environment elegant, to tea Valley and Grand Canyon compared convenient. help friends set of room, listening to friends Hou for at 6 o'clock in the afternoon Hou can free into tea Valley, but front desk waiter also is recommended I set has Grand Canyon and tea Valley of package, hope everyone next asked clear. wants to for room Shi waiting time had long, price expensive, service General, hope can more several staff, service with up!
  • Diudiu
    Air is very good, staff was smiling, but decoration is a bit old.
  • e04656206
    A beautiful environment
  • lincone
    Facilities very good, service very good!
  • gulu110
    Lovely, picturesque. slightly old rooms.
  • longfriend
    I live had of worst five-star no one of, Lake King room blowing and to of mold taste moisture, bed products actually is run of, although distribution has pumping wet machine but work Shi noise big to talk will with roar of; most shocking of is balcony Shang chunks of mold spot crack and has never didn't cleaning of ground; good's facilities aging outside wall renovation I are endure has, after all containing has tickets price also not your, but service I must to spit slot about, morning 10 points actually has male waiter in no knock of situation Xia directly with doorOpened our door! he says that you do not want to leave? ' and I said no, he did not apologize to exit, stood in the doorway looked at our room, which was ... amazing
  • cocoyan
    Environment is very good, for your parents and friends break
  • cc_dreamway
    Hotel old, price high. Service General.--...................................................................................................
  • dannytanwpc
    Hotel in beautiful, scenic, easy to play, prices
  • tonylin2006
    The mountain scenery is so beautiful in the hotel-the hotel is a bit old-
  • lly93615205
    To play in the Oct, choice, very good hotels, even arrange super super comfortable, stand on the balcony of the room feeling very comfortable, hotel have tea Valley Park entrances, super convenient.
  • yangninger
    Is at a big holiday, hotel is very good, service or environment is very good, breakfast for dinner good, Spa very good, rooms are luxury, next time will come again.
  • leeysin
    Hotel lobby was beautiful very dreamy! totally beyond belief, not enough room, room a little musty, equipment and cleanliness as much as five-star hotels, in and out of area very convenient, hotel guests can buy discount tickets for the 2nd, it pays! East recommended mattress Terra! very nice!
  • ABB939
    Hotel facilities, environment good, is around and no shops, eat only up to 7 points, very convenient
  • jialejiawb
    OK, price is expensive.
  • lidu2010
    First impression is a great, little bed! tea Valley has a special channel, this one is good!
  • bennylf
    Was is special good of once journey, on Hotel at situation Xia also very of satisfaction, especially Concierge Department of several guy help layout room special of rod, so play of very of happy! so, and continued live has a late, we check out back has found luggage box in the has several clothing didn't with back! day on call to front desk has, said help in room check Xia, said check finished zhihou on to I reply phone, 9 points playing of 11 points also didn't reply, I 11 points more call past saidAlso want to call the housekeeping side, said call back results! didn't a reply the next day at noon, I haven't seen clothes back said! where has that dress? I don't know that was who took or how do you deal with it! you have to check it? after checking out customers would not be a customer?
    Nice hotel lobby is beautiful, service is also available, just room smell bad smell. Dells there is a very easy access to her tea which is very convenient.
  • yu0829
    Not bad, nothing negative customer feedback, that is too expensive!
  • apple11669
    Oh well
  • xinleina
    Nice is a little expensive room comfortable kids love
  • E04751041
    Rooms are clean, if Lake is better spent by CP value is not high
  • amello
    Environment is very good, just wanted to go on the evening city transport is not convenient, we recommend driving easier
  • elysee
    Spa bad body itch after the bubble bag, poor hotel facilities services, Chan performed can be seen
  • lululilium
    Tall and advanced
  • jerry_ljd0511
    Well, as if in a fairy tale world, the Valley is also very convenient to tea!
  • ford206
    Private access, night spas, best choice for families
  • malie1021
    Nice, warm service, will choose next time!
  • o porridge o
    Very good, the children for this room type was townhouses love!
  • betty10000
    Lake view window does not open, but environment did nothing to say
  • constantin
    It's not bad