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Featuring a Swiss design twist and a emphasis on environmentally responsible travel and tourism,  the Interlaken OCT Hotel (Shenzhen Yintelagen Huaqiaocheng Jiudian) is a deluxe holiday resort located in East Huaqiaocheng,  a large ecologically protected scenic area in Shenzhen's Yantian district,  some 30 km (19) from the city center.

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住客评论 1814条评论     4.5分/5分 更多
  • najing
    This time, 3101 and 31,082 rooms booked, 3101 well, 3108 obsolete facilities, mirrors are rotten, there is plenty room. but the other was good, service was good ... breakfast is so-so, not very rich.
  • ryan0305
    Help a friend! very satisfied
  • ciciwang0520
    Hotel on the tall, want Dan Gu (chaxi) Spa packages.
  • Elvis0310
    Hotels are good in every respect, to visit nearby transportation is convenient, is recommended.
  • gsb1000
    Considering that we come with the 80-year old parents, and brother special arrangements at the front desk the same floor two room recently, including a direct upgrade complete room. Apart from surprise, many a warm.
  • acidpie68
    In the scenic area, features., big rooms space. breakfast.
  • gj860731
    Very good hotel, room was good ... for a vacation.
  • angelbaby1
    Not very good. cost-effective ultra-high
  • Lancerpan
    Very nice hotel, environmental services are good, but the closing times of buckle 38 bucks mineral water money, we have nothing to drink mineral water, said the bottle had signs of loosening, estimated to be started up with a tenant on. very happy ending
  • lifan76
    High-end atmosphere Shang grade of hotel lobby, spacious of room, facilities compared new, environment beautiful. insufficient of at; night of front desk reception missing smile, Spa somewhat let people disappointed, pool and less and small. just into rooms smell to a unit mold taste, also has set of is Lake King room, but terrace is that to from Windows climbed out of, somewhat regrets. overall also is worth recommended staying of.
  • jonestt
    Beautiful environment, like Xanadu resort, required, room facilities very good, high-end atmosphere on the grade, the surrounding area is beautiful, very quiet at night, breakfast variety, it is suitable for family vacations ... would consider it again in the future.
  • dreamworld2000
    Ideal for family holiday, villas is great, the room was big, hot springs is very interesting, non-holiday-not many people, very enjoyable experience
  • jiaobaobao
    Hotel Suite class, can house a family, for a vacation
  • dangxixi
    Nice, very suitable for holiday and look forward to once again
  • doufei
    Peach Garden
  • ganweiyi
    In addition to the service not up to a high standard, overall eight wrong!
  • baaaa
    Nice, is the facilities old. Chinese food Western food in the hotel is very expensive, around and have no choice, depressed.
  • danny_liu0320
    During the summer holidays and the children go, live well, lovely surroundings beautiful, very comfortable-and-go in the morning. booked a package, package tickets, breakfast and dinner and Spa, very good.
  • deymls
    Very nice, room was clean and new! service, a great hotel.
  • JetRanger
    This good fun, the wine service, attitude, health, are standard, is a lot of fun in the Park, take breakfast, Spa was very good and worth a family
  • aabbcc
    Facilities, services not
  • melody233
    All right
  • gywcr
    Nice hotel, good environment, good services and facilities is a bit dated.
  • e00244846
    Hot Springs Hotel to pay tickets, and only one use. walked to the door says is 300 metres from the hotel, in fact, there are at least 2 km along no signs, hard to find. after six with the room card in chaxi this little praise.
  • adonisni
    Room is big, environment is good, Spa also good, breakfast of select many. taste also good. we to has three days live has falls hotel, Black Forest hotel, and here, here although consumption high has is, but environment than yiqian two home better have more. just Spa of service than poor, from beginning to end only a article towel, and mountain spa inside water of place are no. but next to here of words also is will selected this hotel.
  • turtur
    OK more expensive tourist area
  • EX Kichiku
    Very satisfied, like tea Valley, white day, do not have a mood, also very comfortable, although a little cold at night
  • Espresso0507
    Does not match the intended picture was completely, there's a feeling of being pit, completely incompatible with price, into the room and had a strong odor, very old, suggest that you choose or not to consider this,
  • cs11111
    Great experience! there is no pool!
  • domeyliu
    Was wants to set Lake King room later set has joint row Villa luxury room began think not in hotel in to to mountain Shang not convenient live has Hou think air is fresh morning a open balcony door is green green of a looks is comfortable walking go to hotel eat breakfast mood good, but room in iPod play device seems cannot match iPhone, TV there somewhat Coke paste of taste later night and nothing taste has, open battery of waiter attitude are is nice, builtOn the extra room ordering food varieties rich, decorative outdoor hot springs not so much to plan for all types better now too little into the pool, quiet hotel, very well will go on holiday
  • Pleasant
    Lake view, Windows will not open, the rest of the great lobby, beautiful environment beautiful.
  • Colin away
  • dearsamon
    Hotel of environment is beautiful, service attitude also good, has need of when are can timely of solution, and service personnel also is has courtesy. hotel of overall is elegant of building, inside also is gorgeous, but outside wall in decoration, although not effect staying, but from appearance Shang on some flaws has. live of is Lake King room, a open landing window is Lake side, opposite is small town, air is Yi people. room of facilities also is good of, bed has little high ·· mostSpeaking after, sleep at night, air has been very low, but covers the quilt gets hot, hoping to improve. large, is well worth a trip!
  • Aivic
    Beautiful environment and service attitude is good, what is also very good, rich buffet breakfast!
  • vic13
    Nice hotel with 2-day tour, best of 4-5
  • ceiling
    Rooms are very luxurious, very, very comfortable bed and bedding, very good facilities, clean and sanitary, and deserves the star. the lobby is pretty breakfast varied, taste good, is the Hotel Spa is a bit far away to walk 5-10 minutes.
  • e00014791
    Hotel at decorate, landscape, but the breakfast is very good, hot springs is good ... worth a visit
  • AMY Juan
    Environment scenery is great, location is good, free after 6 o'clock tea next door to enter the valleys area. However, hotels, scenic spots, where eating generally slightly more expensive.
  • liuji1983
  • jyywml
    Beautiful environment, support is very good, service could be further improved.
  • seepixar
    Really do not understand why the check in line at this point, more than 10 men for half an hour and more, check out counter does not support it, so busy waiting for ... ... It is not a five-star hotel
  • Ai5080899
    Good services. environment.
  • catff2001
    Worthy hotel! perfect! is less breakfast ...
  • jeancn
    All right
  • jildis
    Large flicker level hotels in China, so you can get high scores, I was drunk on this reviews. one night 1800 hotels, in addition to large, never a good junk. but want to experience the spam fighters can go live
  • dumimi
    Very good, recommended
  • junsyusyu
    Only location advantages, visit the OCT is more convenient. others are sorry star. may be too many people the Spring Festival, the breakfast can only be used to describe.
  • babymoon
    Hotel room was a bit noisy as far away as the top is quite good very beautiful
  • lijiangjy
    Unfavorably received group room wet rigid facilities services next time do not come
  • e00164971
    Old, packages, many didn't, go to death,