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Featuring a Swiss design twist and a emphasis on environmentally responsible travel and tourism,  the Interlaken OCT Hotel (Shenzhen Yintelagen Huaqiaocheng Jiudian) is a deluxe holiday resort located in East Huaqiaocheng,  a large ecologically protected scenic area in Shenzhen's Yantian district,  some 30 km (19) from the city center.

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  • ljxia
    Flowers, cool Jingyi, an outdoor hot spring pool, the morning fresh air, rich meal. lakeside barbecue food stalls in the evening, candlelight supper. holiday destination.
  • pig2337
    Hotel a bit dated, the tide is very heavy, but in the Lake, it cannot be avoided. for leisure trips, scenic, is worthy of our praise scenic restaurants prices very fair, that I had seen so far in the tourist areas best.
  • longfriend
    I live had of worst five-star no one of, Lake King room blowing and to of mold taste moisture, bed products actually is run of, although distribution has pumping wet machine but work Shi noise big to talk will with roar of; most shocking of is balcony Shang chunks of mold spot crack and has never didn't cleaning of ground; good's facilities aging outside wall renovation I are endure has, after all containing has tickets price also not your, but service I must to spit slot about, morning 10 points actually has male waiter in no knock of situation Xia directly with doorOpened our door! he says that you do not want to leave? ' and I said no, he did not apologize to exit, stood in the doorway looked at our room, which was ... amazing
  • folli1012
    We have 10 rooms at the five points, the result is a work ticket Center, can't get a ticket, you cannot enter the scenic area, wasted our day, and breakfast is very poor, a 126, too expensive
  • adfadsf
    Rooms large, we upgraded to duplex suites for free. Spa is also good, open-air bath much better than indoors, there is a bit more complicated, crazy for challenging the road. dinner is a bit rough, there's nothing to eat, feel hotels should not get such a monotonous buffets.
  • daivivi
    Overall feel of the hotel, facilities very poor.
  • gridnodes
    Very good hotel, room was large, good health, good choice for baby holiday
  • dingyanan1013
    Leisure resort is good, a little rain on the day, into the ocean, the air is fresh, the scenery is refreshing, highly recommended! ordered Park package deal!
  • graceymf
    And two, well, very rich breakfast
  • bafnusr
    A very good environment, good good
  • jacob0731
    Room maze. good sense of direction, just go out. but the room is very large, very beautiful, very clean, and quiet.
  • leanderWang
    Hotel environment very good, is located in tea Valley, access attractions is convenient. but is located in mountain Shang, called rental not convenient, only 909 road sent to Grand Canyon, 10 block a people, somewhat monopoly of mean. dinner also not convenient, unless in attractions solution, hotel in of partial your. but package of 2 days double Valley tour votes also is is value of, General also line.
  • Inway86
    General environment and the facilities are good, but the service still feel not up to hotel star level
  • RV009
    Help a friend, I guess! and still feel a little expensive
  • Mighty
    Nice unknown variety of birds can be seen on the road, our Deluxe for free upgrade to Lake view, balcony facing the Lake, a good night's sleep.
  • gprsnl
    Oct the better choice of the two-day trip, children like the hot springs there, but the hotel facility slightly old, poor service than before, breakfast optional not
  • my523162497
    Is a nice hotel facilities, nice environment and looks forward to Switzerland town a bit out
  • aaa3501
    In mountain in, somewhat far, but environment and air are good. room within is wet, with days rain about, but sheets quilt is tide of on called people is not comfortable; breakfast see with varieties seems is more, can eat of is not more, quality is General; Chinese Office taste good, day meal compared disappointed; general feel with international chain brand of management also has must of gap, service consciousness insufficient, to hotel got off Shi met Shang rain, service personnel are not said took umbrella help cover about, asked to attractions of Shuttle alsoDon't know. hoping to strengthen management, or pity such a good environment.
  • erreur
    No air conditioning!
  • cacaodurant
  • Adambobo
    Hotel sanitation class, more expensive services can't keep up, holidays with a choice.
  • lifelife
    Good service attitude is good and beautiful environment and health conditions is ideal for quiet holidays and leisure in general feel good is great
  • nana2599
    The hotel is very clean, and very beautiful, the surrounding environment good, very suitable for holiday
  • crux_5
    Facilities and prices do not match!
  • jasonvan
    Leisure trips with my friends, nice, Nice especially the air is particularly good! set room send hot springs tickets and tickets for the double dip!
  • melody113117
    Nice environment.
  • sween8
  • davidlee73
    Great value for money good, non-holiday is good.
  • c1210
    A little expensive, others okay.
  • jiudingxulei
    The price is a high, the overall feeling you can, so your room has not been added into scenic spots tickets are going for himself to get, next time you may choose the following beach resorts
  • bioMerieuxBJR
    Environment and service in the hotel was good, children take a small train was very happy, hot springs is good, family holiday worth recommending!
  • mengxx2000
    Hotel breakfast and dinner are rotten to popcorn, location location
  • friona
    1138 a little out of place had room in town the tickets without the return room is a must on all packages that include tickets to the small town is not worth now in the decoration of a little disappointing
  • v8001190708
    Very good
  • e02406220
    Remember a few years ago well, now go to the rather shabby, poor health, poor service, Artemis is not worth this price won't go live
  • e03530791
    All right
  • lsxsunny
    Not bad
  • eatonlifan
    Live of joint row Villa room, distance lobby has a small paragraph road. room big, around natural environment first-class, is for couples or friends holiday. buy of package distribution double early, double Valley votes. can by room card directly go VIP channel into tea Valley. breakfast relative five-star hotel, compared simple. except Hotel supporting restaurant, around catering has tea Valley of KFC and scenic restaurant (not recommended), dinner can drive or taxi down to seafood Street eat.
    Family fun, 10,000 well described
  • bim_ld
    Good surroundings, the hotel service is also very good, General five-star facilities, so-so rooms are large.
  • aidid
    Booking for the guest, environment is very good, hot springs is very comfortable, was the weekend price is a bit expensive, room very warm, in the Oct, accessibility, next time will also be considered.
  • Dabie
    Hotel very nice, location even Interlaken town. play in the OCT is very convenient. hotel have tea Valley Park entrances, super easy ... Nice, nice, hot springs is good, breakfast a lot ... tastes good.
  • e00014262
    Which is very nice
  • adamdj
    Not bad ... not bad.
  • Justinwong
  • andrebao
    Hotel the aspects are is satisfaction, especially front desk (just handle staying and check out are is same personal) service is shortcut and is intimate, just in staying room in picked up to has a Zhang no clean of tissue, let we was heart somewhat not comfortable. but also has hotel of Cafe of order and served speed to be improve, really think very slow, from order to served almost 40 Wu minutes.
  • alexliubin
    Really good
  • LucyXu663
    And we think it's great
  • Davidyang001
    Hotel prices are not cheap in the Park, lake view, good
  • yddsd
    Hotel is very good