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Featuring a Swiss design twist and a emphasis on environmentally responsible travel and tourism,  the Interlaken OCT Hotel (Shenzhen Yintelagen Huaqiaocheng Jiudian) is a deluxe holiday resort located in East Huaqiaocheng,  a large ecologically protected scenic area in Shenzhen's Yantian district,  some 30 km (19) from the city center.

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住客评论 1972条评论     4.5分/5分 更多
  • yiruo
    Very comfortable and distinguished, on a tall feeling.
  • liuyiyang0206
    Around Nice, hotel deals, General, health
    Money, not go live. I don't know how is it. I think it should be OK.
  • passage1983
    Location very good, environment is also excellent and the rooms were good health condition, breakfast is very rich, and peripheral equipment, prices are relatively high. choice next time.
  • e00335501
    Surrounding the absolute best, supporting excellent, rooms a little old, after all, time is relatively long, the all star hotel breakfast is eaten best, worth going to, remember to choose Lake room
  • nob7788
    Very comfortable, very suitable for holiday travel!
  • xxffxy
    Check-in time, staff patient. rooms are large, particularly bathroom. hotel is a typical hotel breakfast reception capacity, dinner queue. Hu Yi Xuan, dish, taste, price is expensive and very slow serving. Laurel Xuan is relatively better.
  • gelala
    To had overseas City Times has. This is with parents to. lobby, restaurant and room itself of decorative has enough stunning, elderly praise. off-season price is cheap, but outside State surface decoration damage has overall of feel, some regrets. addition Yin Special pulled root small town does is old has, and years not variable, no has new. hotel of catering partial your, town in of catering quality and poor, no found price balance of catering. (Go to Germany were not so expensive to eat)Is the many facilities in the refurbishment of errant Valley, closed. While the old man can't play, but reflected from other travelers, is basically disappointed. last sentence praised staff attitude was very good, full service from the hotel to the playground is impeccable, comfort.
  • sansn123
    Very good hotel, in the tea Valley scenic area, a dedicated channel through scenic. Hotel decor very nice! very like it, nice facilities. walking in the hotel in the evening, very romantic, very suitable for couples!
  • gaoxd128
    This is a family of 5 persons, a very good environment, location is a little further away, about 20 minutes from the entrance road. Environment of the room is also a good, recent maintenance on external walls. Hotel VIP channel into tea Valley. Receive Park check-in directly in the tourism reception after two-day packages in is Interlaken town, Trafalgar Square and train station. Buffet breakfast at the hotel was OK. Dinner buffet poor strongPerfect advice into the Park in the evening dining, restaurant, and Laurel Inn.
  • billow
    Suggest lake view room, breakfast very good, directly into the area, a stressful day but can play with two Valley
  • e01501486
    The price is very good, if the Spa is not fake is better
  • littlell
    As always, comfortable environment, elderly and children were very happy
  • e00315942
    Hotel facilities very good, is the town early in the morning the streets begin to loud pop music, songs, and the environment is so endearingly. 11111
  • call03
    Very good hotel, is somewhat less convenient for transportation
  • ming_mao
    On the ground there is no mountain view
  • crystalmjj
    A dream hotel is super convenient for tea Valley and hot springs, praise
  • mxsf86
    Hotel hardware facilities didn't of said, but breakfast does is pit dad. not know catering department is how arrangements of, morning people full, didn't location, we can,, this are can understanding, but waiter also rarely, table didn't people Pack, Chef people more less, many eat of on no, roast intestinal last are variable steam intestinal, eat was on not more, results has half of are is empty of. really of is no language, night to Chinese Office also as, didn't location, service personnel also rarely, someone very difficult, only seeTo a quarrel with the guests, very silent.
  • fanfantrip
    It wasn't too bad
  • ARIAE.
    Have always liked the mountains and water
  • cjiong
    Very good choice,
  • cgperson
    Due to has elderly and children peer, and also intends to to park inside play, so reservation has full package of package. General for, hotel good, in tea Valley of next, is convenient, six points yihou scenic free, eat had dinner in along Lake walking is good. daughter is like in Lake side feed duck and Black Swan. Park one of of tea Valley for elderly and children play, Grand Canyon more for young play. Spa no try, not know how. this reservation has Lake King room and Villa room, I moreLike the living environment of cottage. much larger room, balcony, good morning air. quiet, like Xanadu, not feeling in Shenzhen. nice variety is rich, Western-style snacks have. but dinner is not how, package simple. solution might be better somewhere else for dinner.
  • tontiger
    That's good
  • calvin-lee
    Tour the most satisfactory hotel!
  • Eileen_Liu
    I bought the double Valley spa package room, pleasant scenery, but Hotel exterior wall decoration, notice when booking the room. Spa choices, open Spring night lights. Rock Valley Grand Canyon attractions closed for maintenance, not playing a lot, but the mountain scenery is quite good, mountain high Tiao good.
  • tongguo
    In decorating, impact on the environment
  • coco1986521
    Hotel Interlaken through small town holiday price is a little expensive peacetime should be better
  • cwjdgdj
    More remote, the environment OK, big room, suitable for tea Valley play.
  • m04990712
    Room very good, is in for outside wall transformation, corridor in somewhat decoration taste. Hotel live guest in Hotel buy double Valley two day package as long as 255 Yuan, than website Shang buy of cheap. with children to of, arrived time 12 o'clock, also not let ahead of into room, must to two o'clock in the afternoon Hou only can, this feel bad. but can first left-luggage, comes again into room
  • e00034753
    As always, good, good service, good breakfast, good facilities, room is big and parking is bad and needs to be improved.
  • WB5796505
    Hotel location, beautiful environment, comfortable surroundings, just a beat is a postcard, and Spa, rooms clean, facilities are somewhat old, and stay
  • tcsim2010
    And the service was poor: 1. breakfast half an hour before the end did nothing, 2. no human, 2 o'clock at night we stay, expected at 2 o'clock in the afternoon to check out, just don't agree, 3 rooms facilities, there is a smell, 4.-underground parking elevator all stops required to walk,
  • Eva.Wei
    Good is breakfast and dinner
  • LEE7708
    Poor attitude at the front desk, reception staff not service, annoying
  • cc870313
    Luxurious hotel, good breakfast service, but simple
  • e00049575
    Suddenly see very offers price decisive set has two between room, room is big decoration also good, just some place has cracks, after all hotel open has is long, room wet taste really of is thick, waiter help we points has incense smoked processing also can accept, zhiqian see has others comments was not hold expects, but phase for we set of price also is pretty surprise, without morning from urban drive to so tired.
  • e00189218
    No photo, because with other users upload of almost, hotel service personnel is is enthusiasm thoughtful of, focus is I set of double Valley double early, daily morning each room sent two Zhang double Valley tickets, two days within can unlimited times from internal channel access, without in outside queued, because is with child staying, with total Taiwan discuss has about, put two days of votes one-time sent out, great of convenient has we, and also province has a Zhang tickets, inside spa 100 Yuan one worth recommended, only notGood rice is too expensive, and the surrounding local breakfast was no more, hope that improvements can be made.
  • lulupig7
    Pretty good, pretty good, come again
  • e03047574
    Very nice hotel, to see the Lake, the lobby decoration was beautiful, there are bird watching haha, package is good Oh, breakfast buffet can be, fun.
  • lagarde
    Great value, big kids very much, next time will stay
  • jimolaodao
    Definitely is a good place for leisure
  • mig23mld
    Beautiful, comfortable
  • jtimo
    Well ... enjoyed having the opportunity to go to
  • sansan20403
    Traffic if it is not drive to set aside plenty of time or are in a hurry, we will delay
  • gensy
    Hotel is really nothing to say. Advanced thoughtful. townhouse was too far. lake view room good. access to scenic spots also facilitates. eat good. breakfast forgotten, is very rich, very good. dinner menu is also good. room amenities are new. services are also very close.
  • Paul.FENG
    Hotel should is overseas town highest grade of, is is luxury, and location good, access tea Valley is is convenient. room is big also is clean, only bad of is we live of floors too low, live of II floor, because balcony chaohu, feel not so dry, if can live buildings layer, should more comfortable. around environment is good, sooner or later in Lake side walking is comfortable, hotel gift of bubble Spa super good. breakfast is big, worth recommended.
  • dms918
    Services are generally
  • beansge
    Nice, clean, comfort
  • andy9164cn
    Service poor! not go
  • m00131219
    Surrounding area nice, unfortunately, outdated facilities, rooms have a musty. hotel deals, restaurant services, price is expensive ... my only satisfaction is in front of the waiter, very polite.