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Commercial law is implemented Electricity industry will be how to change?

Date: 2019-01-08

On January 1, 2019 formally implemented the electronic commerce of the People's Republic of China law.As a first electric commercial law in the field of electricity, it's the ground itself has attracted great attention.Electric commercial launch of the original intention is to restore electricity in China conditions of the punishment of the chaos, standardize the order of electric business operation from all aspects, and put the protection of the rights and interests of consumers in the important position, the implementation of the it will have far-reaching influence on electricity industry.

Just the New Deal a fall to the ground, electricity industry will still be some flutter, whether consumers, buy on sb's behalf, small and medium-sized businesses, cross-border electricity etc. They are all more or less will be affected because of the New Deal.In the new electric commercial environment, taobao, Tmall, jingdong cross-border electricity and there will be what kind of action to deal with?Right along with the development of the electricity industry, the outside world how to interpret this electric commercial law to the impact of the electricity industry?

A much-anticipated new electric commercial law has been officially implemented act as purchasing agency industry seems to be affected by the impact is bigger

Electricity sector in China's first comprehensive law of e-commerce law (hereinafter referred to as the commercial law) was formally implemented on January 1, 2019, has been planned for some time electric commercial law implementation to the ground is indeed a great event in the field of electricity.With the development of the electric business platform, more and more customers tend to online shopping, whether infant products, clothing, luxury and beauty makeup products, home appliances, etc are all online purchase of common products, many consumers are more foreign brands.Although users in online shopping in gradually increases in size and number, but there are still a lot of users for the new electric commercial law enacted and content.

Has been the domestic electricity while developing faster and faster, the size of the market model is more and more large, the number of users online shopping is also creating new record.According to China Internet network information center released 42 times the China Internet network development state statistic report, according to the report, in the first half of 2018 China's network shopping user scale and proportion cases, the data show that in the first half of 2018 China's online shopping users scale for 568.92 million people, and at the end of 2017 compared with the growth of 35.6 million people, 71% of total Internet users.

The number of users online shopping are rising, but problems emerge in endlessly in the electricity industry is greatly harm the rights and interests of consumers to online shopping.Whether brush single behavior, network problems such as defective goods, false discount, fake counterfeits are serious harm the online consumer rights and interests of consumers, so the industry also needs to be a perfect law to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, so as to better promote the healthy and stable development of electricity industry.The first domestic electric commercial law formally implemented, this also means that the development of domestic electricity industry on the path of laws, it's launch is of great significance to the development of electricity industry of the whole.

Can say is the implementation of the law for all participants of the electricity industry, the electricity in the commercial law explicitly: "shall not delete evaluation, avoid misleading;Restriction 'big data kill cooked, to protect consumers' right to know, to choose;'default check be banned, protecting the legal rights and interests of consumers;Electric business operator shall not be arbitrarily 'cut sheet;Set up the deposit refund shall not be unreasonable conditions."Although there are a lot of content is standing in the perspective of protecting consumers, but also some law is actually more formal electricity industry operators, both small and medium-sized stores and act as purchasing agency industry.

The electric commercial law enforcement, also let more participants according to laws and regulations to standardize the management, including many of the electricity industry of small and medium-sized stores the most basic is to obtain business licenses, but to the people who bought them some will be more difficult.Not only act as purchasing agency management costs and tax costs rise directly, while personal act as purchasing agency was incorporated into the category of e-commerce operators, need to register with the market main body.Can say they are by a group of retail investors will be turned into professional operators, this for the accustomed to the liberal act as purchasing agency, they will face a lot of choices.