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Flowers always events: if enough pain Will look forward to the hospitality industry recognition

Date: 2019-01-16

On November 14, 2018, weibo net friend "flower always threw great" released video "the secret of the cup," health problems of focusing on the hospitality industry.Video was exposed immediately.The public to express dissatisfaction with five-star hotel health work involved at the same time, also the processing results of relevant departments full of expectation.Public opinion is widespread concern that the bad influence, if not severe punishment, can play a warning role.Unexpectedly, this fear came true at last.So far, Shanghai seven involved results have been released of the punishment of the hotel, each hotel were warned, and fined 2000 yuan.

Not to mention the effectiveness of the so-called warning how many, but just this penalty, the amount of 2000 yuan is worth asking.Some netizens directly questioned the penalty: this and in a less amicable fashion three cups if necessary "and what's the difference?In the context of the current public opinion reflects, such punishment is difficult to satisfactory results.For the simple reason that punishment enough has to meet stinging pain, how can you expect involved hotel and the hotel industry recognition?

Can't say this punishment makes no sense.The basis should be introduced in 2011 and the implementation details "health management regulations in public places., according to the rules of health quality not in conformity with the requirements of the national hygiene standards and the family planning administrative department of health under the local people's governments at or above the county level shall order correction within a time limit, given a warning, and may impose a fine of less than RMB two thousand;Exceed the time limit is not correct, cause public health quality does not conform to the hygiene standards and requirements, a fine between RMB two thousand yuan and two thousand yuan;If the circumstances are serious, may be ordered to stop business operations for rectification according to law, and until revoked hygiene license ".Obviously, the relevant departments will not involved the situation of the hotel as "serious".So with that, up to 2000 yuan it belong to minor cases thus punishment.

The problem is that this is a five-star hotel.In a five-star hotel under the premise of expensive, health work is so perfunctory, even deliberately added for passengers, "serious" isn't it belong to?Nowadays, Internet users alike for the hospitality industry hygiene cast a vote of no confidence, don't also belong to the "serious"?It is not hard to imagine that the involved hotels may be feel glad.Just, the consumers will be willing to serve as a poke in the future?

Don't forget, if didn't spend the total stand up, we may still can't believe, luxurious five-star hotels so dirty.Can the grassroots hero after whom, what got the treatment?Suffered the threat of unknown people, their personal privacy has also been some malicious leak.A few days ago, shenzhen police bulletin "flower" always information leaked event processing result: suspect peng one by administrative detention 7, and be fined 500 yuan.

I wonder if flower I always agree with the penalty as a result, but 500 yuan can really taken peng a lifting?Have to say that the exposure hotel hygiene flowers always bad, became a steady even business.Involved the hotel safe, malicious leaked the information little is ok.Also, the most terrible of those orders peng, behind a remain unscathed.In a word, a screwing ended in spend a total reversal.He didn't know there is quite a chivalrous spirit, after which twists and turns, in the heart of the blood will be poured out?Surviving but even flowers always fight, I'm afraid I won't be so wronged someone willing to serve as a hero.Without the "flower", when we put our hopes on the self-discipline of the industry, the results?I'm afraid it is difficult to make people optimistic.